We use the latest technology of the Torbo wet blasting system. 

This system of wet abrasive blasting can be used safely and effectively on any cleaning or blasting job. This system allows full flexibility to accommodate changes in the surface being blasted. Unlike other blasting systems, we can adjust at will to go from heavy blasting to gentle cleaning as the surface dictates. 

This is the most versatile surface preparation system available today. It is not merely sand blasting, wet blasting or water blasting – there is no other technology like it. It is very effective in sensitive applications because each particle of the blast medium is coated in water.

Another benefit is a 95% dust reduction.
This allows minimized or no containment, and no dust collectors or negative pressure.

 For all Industrial, Marine and Domestic blasting requirements such as:
  • Removal of Paint from Bricks to prepare the surface for Rendering 
  • B oats - Aluminium, Steel, Fibreglass, Timber 
  • Grafitti Removal 
  • Cleaning Buildings 
  • Removal of Road Lines 
  • Soft Metal Blasting


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